Solar Energy Projects

Projects that have been successfully implemented by KSEC includes the following;

Ø  Distribution and Installation of at least 2000 solar home systems on outer islands under the 8th European Development Fund (EDF8) since 2004.

Ø  Under EDF10 solar project the following systems were installed and retained by the KSEC except mini-grid systems.

1.       The distribution and installation of 2010 solar lighting kits on outer islands

2.       100 small business systems distributed as well to outer islands

3.       30 solar maneaba systems aimed at community halls on outer islands

4.       140 teacher’s home systems were evenly distributed to 7 secondary schools (Morikao, Tabwiroa, Taborio, Rongorongo, Kauma, Teabike, George Eastman)

5.       7 mini-grid systems installed at each of the school mentioned above

6.       1 solar mini-grid for Poland Village on Christmas Island

7.       10 kW systems PV-grid installed at KSEC premises.

Ø  In December 2014, the company successfully performs the installation of a 4kW solar power system for the fish center on Butaritari Island. This was a pilot project and the success of this project has eventually led to the installation of more solar power system for the fish centers on outer islands. Two more solar power systems have been installed on Kuria, and Tamana early January 2016. The implementation is expected to resume to other islands. 

Ø  Early in February 2015, KSEC was tasked by the Kiribati Government to implement the distribution of the Taiwan Solar Lighting Kit project of approximately 10,000 units. It was a success given the short period of four months to execute this project. The 2nd phase for this project was implemented late in November 2015 after the arrival of additional solar lighting kits of 6000 units.  

Ø  In May 2015, KSEC secured a subcontract for the installation of the 500kW Solar PV-Grid project funded by MASDAR or UAE. Given 8 Weeks to complete the project was a success through the determination and aptitude of its technical and administrative support team. 

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