The Company


 The Kiribati Solar Energy Company (KSEC) was set up under the rules of the companies’ ordinance Cap 10A. However its objectives, shares and detail administrative procedures and policies are guided by its own Articles of Association in which their interpretations or expressions abide the same meaning as in the companies’ ordinance Cap. 10A.

The Kiribati Solar Energy Company Limited was originally formed as a private, limited liability company on 15 November, 1984 (registered No. 14) under the supports of the Foundation for the People’s of the South Pacific (FSP) based in Kiribati. Following the withdrawal of FSP in 1987, the company was restructured into a Government owned Liability Company with the majority shareholding being held by the Minister of Public Works and Utilities.

The overall objective is to address the current socio-economic imbalance between the urban and rural areas by achieving a more equitable distribution of resources to the outer islands. The more specific objective of the KSEC is in expanding the use of renewable energy through the application of solar photovoltaic on outer islands and in urban districts. This complies with the government policy to provide rural electrification on the outer islands, and in line with KDP 2016 – 2019. 

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